The Fredrikshamn (in Finnish Hamina) Railway Company was founded in 1898. The city of Hamina (in the south east of Finland) furnished half of the share capital and the local businessmen most of the rest. Below is a picture of a 1899 share certificate. The company's single line, to Inkeroinen (in Swedish Ingerois), the junction with the state railways, was inaugurated on 10 October 1899. The length was 27.5 km with a gauge of 1 524 mm, the national standard. Järnvägsaktiebolaget Fredrikshamn owned two engines (made by Baldwin in Philadelphia PA, pictured on the certificate below), five passenger cars and 82 cargo waggons. In 1914  44 500 passengers were carried. On 1 January 1916 the railway and its equipment was taken over by the government.

Järnvägsaktiebolaget Fredrikshamn issued two parcel stamps, first time in 1899 (both denominations). They are inscribed Fredrikshamns Järnväg - Haminan Rautatie. There are two printings and several shades of both the 25 and 50 penniä. The stamps are not common.
Järnvägsaktiebolaget Fredrikshamn postage stamps
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Järnvägsaktiebolaget Fredrikshamn share certificate