young radiolistener When I was active as a short wave and medium wave-AM listener (DXing) from 1963 to 1972 I took during trips PHOTOS that now may be of some interest to other DX listeners. I have therefore decided to scan and share some of them, on the net, with those who may like to watch them.  –  My pages on history facts about radiostations.


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All pictures are black and white, which actually is fortunate, because the colour prints of those days would not have preserved their colours well. Due to modest photographic equipment, lack of skill and small size prints the quality of these old photos is indeed unpretentious, but this DX page has no profound purpose.


During two weeks I and six of my DX friends toured the south western part of the Iberian peninsula and northern Morocco in two cars. Gibraltar had to be entered by air via Tangier. Most of the time was spent visiting radio stations, in the below order.

Radio Juventud de Málaga: entrance to studios and offices.
Radio Nacional España: antenna of the Málaga MW (AM) transmitting site.
Radio Antequera: MW transmitting aerial mast and transmitter.
La Voz de Granada: MW transmitting aerial mast.
Radio Popular de Granada: studio and office premises (at left), and entrance (last photo by fellow-traveller).
Radio Granada: corner of studio and office building.
Radio Córdoba: the old aerial* at some distance; and from below.
Radio Popular de Córdoba: entrance to the studios and offices.
Sines transmitting site (south western coast of Portugal): aerial masts and buildings at a distance; one of the aerials; transmitter hall; a transmitter. This then modern and powerful SW site was at that time used by the Deutsche Welle as a relay station.
Rádio Renascença (Lisbon): transmitting site (building and aerials); MW transmitter; SW transmitter; the (then) new FM transmitter and the station engineer. .wav. QSL.
Emissores Associados de Lisboa: FM transmitter and studio. QSL.
La Voz del Guadalquivir (Seville): entrance to studios and offices; MW station. .wav.
Radio Sevilla: office and studio building and its entrance (last photo by fellow-DX'er).
Radio Nacional de España, Centro Emisor del Sur, Seville: MW aerial mastPennant.
Radio Popular de Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera: office and studio building.
Radio Cádiz: sign over the entrance to the offices and studios.
Radio Juventud Cádiz: office and studio building entrance.
AFRTS Rota (near Cádiz, US Navy): radio station building and aerials; FM service.
Radio Nacional de España, Campo de Gibraltar MW station, La Línea de la Concepción: transmitter mast, with Gibraltar in the background.
Radio Algeciras: office/studio building; on its roof; MW transmitter aerial.
Radio Gibraltar: the entrance; a company van; studio; MW aerial; TV test picture (last photo by fellow-traveller).
British Forces Broadcasting Service, Gibraltar: station plate by the entrance, studio interior.
Radio Ceuta, Ceuta (Spanish town in northern Morocco): the office and studio building (photo by fellow-traveller); the badge on the façade; the studio entrance.
*Radio Córdoba (source:, Dec. 2007):
The tower was erected in 1933 in Alfonso XIII street and disassembled in the early 1980s. Now there is the Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Maimónides at the site. The tower was some 80 metres high.


BBC Crystal Palace, London, 219 metres mast built in 1956 for TV, VHF, MW. July 1970.
Rozglosnia Harcerska (Pathfinders' Radio), Warsaw: the building at a distance; SW aerials on the roof; the transmitters; the entrance. September 1969.
Radio Nordsee International, pirate MW station in the North Sea: the ship and the transmitter. (Photos by DX'er Gerd Klawitter, ~1970.) .wav.
National Hellenic Broadcasting Institute (Ethnikon Idhryma Radhiophonias), Athens: entrance to the office and studio building. 1974 or 1975.
Voice of America, Rhodes (Afandou), Greece: SW & MW relay station, the aerial masts. 1975. The whole station (inaugurated in 1964) was moved to Kuwait in 2006.
Tallinn, Estonian SSR: office and studio buildings and their signs; TV-mast (demolished in 1980) in centre of town. 1971.
Mexico: XEUL 1360 kHz, Chicxulab, Puerto, Yucatán. XEDO 1190 kHz, Jojutla near Alpueca, Morales. September 1979.
Mast of a Swedish FM/TV transmitter (probably Hörby). July 1972.
Finnish Army Signal Corps: interior of a military transmitting and receiving station. 1968. (Type Aki VR-7. The RF unit is visible at far right, on top of the receiver is the transmitter's tuner.  Power 100 W AM, frequency range 1.5–9 MHz, total weight 134 kg.) At far left a Hell teletypewriter (German made, WW2). 1968.
Topi VR-3 mobile military FM transceiver for 35–55 MHz, weight 12,5 kg with batteries and 17,5 kg with accumulator. Autophon AG type E-77 VHF receiver. Both 1968.
Finnish Broadcasting Co., Tapiola (also known as Laajalahti, in Espoo) 100 kW MW transmitter (557 kHz) and its coil. The station engineer (at right) with a visiting DX'er. ~1967. (Station closed and site demolished in August 1989. It had opened in 1951.)
Finland: PTT Nummela point-to-point (fixed communication) site. 196x, now demolished.
Finland: Mariehamn Radio, maritime point-to-point station. 24 August 1963.
Finnish Broadcasting Co., Helsinki Laajasalo (Tonttuvuori at Jollas): receiving and measuring station aerials and interior. ~1967. (Station opened in 1948 and closed in June 1982 (transferred to Jokela).)
International Short Wave Club, London: the club leader outside his flat. Visited July 1970.
My own receiver, Trio ER-202. ~1967.
(Sainte-Assise 1924.)


Here are some of my recordings (by open-reel tape recorder) of radio station identifications (call signs). Many of the stations are not rare and the audio quality is what ordinary DX'ers of those days used to experience with their simple receivers, but the recordings could be of nostalgic interest today and worth preserving for future research. In order to make the collection more usable I have included some good recordings created on the spot (marked thus), and a few other loggings made by friends here. – Cf. my history facts about radio stations (in Swedish).
These audio files are ordinary .WAV files, uncompressed but lossless. Most recordings are very short. One big file is, as a test, also offered MP3 encoded.
If left-clicking the link does not start your media player: download to your own computer (right-click on hyperlink and select, in MSIE, "Save Target As"), and then separately open with e.g. Windows Media Player.

EUROPE – Radio history

BBC, in Finnish, 1963.
ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross),
Switzerland, test bc, 1963.
BBC, in Czech, the timpani "V", 1963.
VOA  BBC, relayed by, Great Britain, 1963.
Radio España de Barcelona, EAJ15, 1963. Pennant.
WDR, Westdeutsche Rundfunk, 1963.
PTT East Berlin, E. Germany, 1964.
PTT Hamburg, Deutsche Bundespost, 1964.
Shannon Aeradio, Ireland, 1964.
Radio Caroline, North Sea, 1965.
RTB, Belgium, 1965. QSL.
Radio Scotland, North Sea, 1966.
La Voz Sindical de España, ECS1, Madrid, 1966.
Radio Granada, EAJ16, 1966. Photo.
Pyrgos Broadcasting Station, 2, Greece, 1965/1970. QSL. Pennant.
Radio Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, 1966.
AFN (American Forces Network), Munich, 1966. QSL.
Rádio Renascença, Portugal, 1966. Photo+. QSL.
Radio Zagreb, Yugoslavia, 1966.
Radio 3 9 0, North Sea, 1966. QSL.
Voice of the West, Portugal, 1966.
Radio London, North Sea, 1966.
Finnish BC, +interval signal, 1966.
Swiss BC, 1966.
BBC Limassol, Cyprus, 1966.
Radio Andorra, 1966. QSL.
LV de Cantabria, EFE25, Spain (Santander), 1966.
La Voz de Vigo, EFE31, Spain, 1966.
Radio Caroline South, North Sea, 1966.
Radio England, North Sea, 1966.
Radio Arkhangelsk, Soviet Union, 1966.
Radio Peninsular (RNE), Spain (Málaga), 1966.
Radio Nacional de España, Murcia, 1966.
Österreichische Rundfunk, Austria, 1966.
Radio Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1966.
Radio Moscow, in Swedish, interval signal, 1966.
Trans World Radio, Monaco, 1966.
Deutschlandfunk, W. Germany, 1966.
La Voz de Madrid, EFE14, Spain, 1966.
Radio Popular de Zamora, EAK26, Spain, 1966.
Radio España de Madrid, EAJ2, 1966. "Viva Franco, Arriba España", 1966.
Free Radio Prague, Occupied Czechoslovakia, 8.1968.
Free Kossuth Radio, Hungary, Imre Nagy speaks, 1956 uprising. (Archive recording.)
LV Guadalquivir, Sevilla, Spain, 1969. Photo.
Manx Radio, Isle of Man UK, 1969. QSL.
Schulungssender, Austrian Army training bc.
transmitter, SW, 1969. QSL.
Radio Free Russia (NTS), clandestine, 1969. QSL.
Forces BS (YENED) Thessaloniki, Greece, 1970.
Radio Nordsee Int., North Sea, 1970. Photo.
Radio Veronica, North Sea, 1969. QSL.
Radio Popular de Vigo, EOP33, Spain, 1969.
Capital Radio, North Sea, 1970. QSL.
LV de Cantabria, EFE25, Spain, 1970.
Radio Centro, Spain (Madrid), 1970.
Radio de Hoop, North Sea, 1970. QSL.
Radiophonikos Stathmos Phokidos, Greece
(Amphissa), MW, private, 1970. QSL.
Deutscher Soldatensender, E. Germany, for the
W. German Armed Forces, 1970. QSL.
La Voz de Levante, EFE17, Spain, 1971. 6 MB wav
file, but the Falangist close-down ceremony is historical. As MP3. QSL.
Forces BS (YENED) Kavalla, Greece, 1971.

AFRICA, ASIA and PACIFIC – Radio history, 2, 3

VOA Tangier, Morocco, 1963.
VOA  5MVA, Liberia (Monrovia), 1963.
Radio Tunis, 1963.
Radio Senegal, 1966.
UAR BC, Egypt, in Arabic, 1966.
Rádio Clube Moçambique, 1966, recorded locally.
AFRTS Wheelus Field, Libya, 1967. QSL.
Radio Sáhara, EAJ103, Sp. Sahara, 1967.
Voice of Biafra, Enugu, in Spanish, 1967.
Voice of the Gospel, ETLF, Ethiopia, 1968.
BBC Ascension, 1968.
Radio Las Palmas, EAJ50, Canary Is., 1970.

Radio Iran, 1964.
Radio Ahwaz, Iran, 1966.
CSRC (Commercial Service of R. Ceylon), 1966.
Voice of Free China, Taiwan, 1966. QSL.
Voice of Free Korea, S. Korea, 1966.
Voice of Vietnam, N. Vietnam, 1966.
Lebanese BS, 1966.
Radio Pakistan, for UK, 1966.
KFBK, Ryukyus, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio 6-5-0 (AFN), Ryukyus, 1966, recorded locally.
Hongkong Comm. Bc., 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Singapura, 1966, recorded locally.
AFRTS Vietnam (Da Nang), 1966, recorded locally.
SEATO (South East Asian Treaty Organisation), Thailand, 1966, recorded locally.
Burma BS (BBS), 1966, recorded locally.
Far East Broadcasting Co., Philippines, 1968.
Radio Gorgan, Iran, 1968.
Radio Isfahan, Iran, 1969.
Philippine BS, 1969.
Voice of the Philippines, 1969.
Radio Naft-i-Melli, Iran (Abadan), 1970.
Radio Cambodia, 1971.
Voice of Free Asia (VOA Ban Phachi), Thailand, 1970.
HLKX, S. Korea, MW, 1970.
Radio Malaysia Sarawak, 1971. QSL.

Radio New Zealand, 1966.
KPOI, Hawaii, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Australia, +kookaburra bird, 1966.

NORTH and CENTRAL AMERICA – Radio history, 2

VOA Bethany, USA, 1964.
UN Radio, via VOA, USA, 1966.
AFRTS, USA, 1966.
WRUL, R. New York Worldwide, SW, 1966.
Canadian BS, Newfoundland, 1966.
Radio Bermuda, 1966, recorded locally.
ZFB1, Capital BC, Bermuda, 1966, recorded locally.
CKSA, Canada (Lloydminster AB), 1968.
ORTF St. Pierre & Miquelon, 1968.

Radio Americas, Swan Is., 1964. QSL.
Radio Reloj, Costa Rica, 1964. QSL.
WITA, Radio Imparcial, Puerto Rico, 1966.
Voice of Sint Maarten, PJD2, Neth. Antilles, 1966.
TWR Bonaire, Neth. Antilles, 1966.
WMDD, Puerto Rico, 1966, recorded locally.
WUNO, Puerto Rico, 1966, recorded locally.
WRAI, R. Aeropuerto Internac., PR, 1966, r. locally.
WBNS, American Virgin Is., 1966, recorded locally.
WSTA, American Virgin Is., 1966, recorded locally.
WMIA, R. Arecibo, PR, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Hoyer, Curaçao, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Curom, Curaçao, 1966, recorded locally.
Jamaica BC (JBC), 1966, recorded locally.
Cadena Panameña de Radiodif., HOK, 1966, r. locally.
Radio Casino, TIQ, Costa Rica, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Universal, HOB49, Panamá, 1966, r. locally.
La Voz del Istmo, HOXO, Panamá, 1966, r. locally.
XEKZ, R. Cadena Nacional, Mexico, 1966, r. locally.
Radio Nuevo Mundo, TGJ, Guatemala, 1966, r. locally.
Radio Mil, YNY, Nicaragua, 1966, recorded locally.
Cadena Radial Salvadoreña, YSEB, 1966, r. locally.
Radio Trinidad, Trinidad, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Kelkboom, PJA5, Aruba, 1966, recorded locally.
Broadcasting Nacionales, HIXZ, Dominican Rep., 1966, recorded locally.
La Voix de la Révolution Duvaliériste, Haiti, 1968.
XEW, Mexico, 1968, recorded locally.
Radio Revolución, Cuba, 1968.
AFRTS Fort Clayton, Canal Zone, 1969, r. locally.
LV Fuerzas Armadas, Dominican Rep., 1970.
Radio Deportiva Handicap, Dominican Rep., 1970.
Radio Philips, YNMS, Nicaragua, MW, 1970.
Radio Commerce, 4VB, Haiti, 1970.
Radio Rebelde, Cuba, MW, 1970.
4VEH, Haiti, 1970.
Radio Oriente Rebelde, Cuba, 1970.
La Voz Dominicana, Dominican Rep., 1970.

SOUTH AMERICA – Radio history

Radio Tropical, YVKP, Venezuela, 1966.
La Voz de Chile, CE970, 1966.
Radio Argentina al Exterior, LRA, 1966.
R. Sociedad Nacional Minería, CE106, Chile, 1966.
Radio Belgrano, 2, LR3, Argentina, 1966/1970.
Radio Altiplano, CP38, Bolivia, 1966. QSL.
R. Nueva Granada, HJKJ, Colombia, 1966. Pennant.
Radio Santa Fé, HJAF, Colombia, 1966.
Rdif. Nacional Colombia, HJCQ, 1966.
Rádio Sociedade da Bahía, ZYN32, Brazil, 1966.
Rádio Globo, ZYZ36, Brazil, 1966.
R. Ministerio da Educação e Cultura, PRL3, 1966.
R. Jornal do Commercio, ZYK32, Brazil, 1966. QSL.
Emisora Rio-Mar, HJAC, Colombia, 1966.
Radio Barcelona, YVQJ, Venezuela, 1966.
Ondas del Lago, YVFM, Venezuela, 1966, r. locally.
Radio Coro, YVMN, Venezuela, 1966, r. locally.
Rádio Continental, ZYK31, Brazil, 1963.
Ondas del Caribe, HJBI, Colombia, 1966, r. locally.
LV de Barranquilla, HJAJ, Colombia, 1966, r. locally.
Ondas de la Ciegena Grande, HJBL, Colombia,
1966, recorded locally.
Emisora Fuentes, "Dínamo Radio", HJAE, Colombia, 1966, recorded locally. This is good.
R. Puerto Cabello, YVLF, Venezuela, 1966, r. locally.
R. Bolivar, HCDG2, Ecuador, 1966, recorded locally.
R. Chimbote, OAX3F, Peru, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Unión, OBZ4N, Peru, 2 nice song ID,
1966, recorded locally.
Radio Victoria, OAX4X, Peru, 1966, r. locally. Great!
R. La Crónica, OAX4I, Peru, 1966, recorded locally.
R. Noticia, HCFD2, Ecuador, 1966, r. locally. Good.
Radio Continental, HJCS, Colombia, 1966, recorded locally. This is good.
LV de la Costa, HJCT, Colombia, 1966, r. locally.
Radio Unión, OBZ4N, Peru, 1966, recorded locally.
Radio Chincha, OAX5D, Peru, 1967.
Voice of the Andes, HCJB, Ecuador, 1968.
Radio Rumbos, YVLK, Venezuela, 1968.
Radio Nacional Venezuela, YVKO, 1970. Pennant.
Transmisora Caldas, HJFW, Colombia, 1968.
Em. Nueva Granada, HJKJ, Colombia, 1968. Pennant.
Rádio Cultura da Bahia, ZYN20, Brazil,  MW, 1968.
Radio Belgrano, Argentina, 1968.
Rádiodifusora São Paulo, Brazil, 1968.
Radio Succeso, Ecuador, 1968, recorded locally.
Emisora Mil Veinte, HJCC, Colombia, 1968, r. locally.
Rádio Espinharas de Patos, Brazil, MW, 1969. QSL.
Radio Zulia, Venezuela, MW, 1970.
Radio Internacional, Colombia, MW, 1970.
Radio Valera, YVOI, Venezuela, 1970.
Radio Quito, HCQR1, Ecuador, 1970.
Emisora Atlántico, HJAG, Colombia, 1969. Pennant.
Radio Sutatenza, HJGC, Colombia, MW, 1970.
Radio Splendid, 2, Rosario & Buenos Aires, 1970.
Radio San Sebastián, YVSS, Venezuela, 1970.
Rádiodifusora Acreana, ZYF201, Brazil, 1970.
Radio Casa de la Cultura, HCCR1, Ecuador, 1970.
Emisora Pio XII, CP81, Bolivia, 1970.
Radio Pacífico, HJEX, Colombia, 1970.
La Voz Amiga, HJFK, Colombia, 1970.
Radio Loreto, OAX8E, Peru, 1969.
Radio Délcar, OAX1C, Peru, 1970.


Before the introduction of the DX QSL card, many radio stations in the USA, as well as some in Canada, Mexico and Cuba, sent Verified Reception Stamps in answer to listeners' reports. They were invented in 1924 by EKKO Company of Chicago, who sold them to broadcast radio stations, of which some 700 participated. Their use ended in the 1930s. The US stamps are nicely engraved and recess printed, the Candian ones lithographed. Larger image. Link to source. EKKO stamps


Radio 3 9 0, pirate radio, North Sea, MW, 1966. .wav.
AFN Stuttgart, MW, 1963. .wav.
Capital Radio, pirate off Netherl., MW, 1970. .wav.
Emissoras Associados de Lisboa, MW, 1968. Photo.
Europe 1, Saar, LW, 1963.
Radio Euzkadi, Basque clandestine, SW, 1967.
Útvarp Føroya, Faroese Is., MW, 1968.
Radio Koper Capodistria, Yugoslavia, MW, 1966.
La Voz de Levante, Valencia, MW/SW, 1971. .wav.
Manx Radio, Isle of Man UK, MW, 1969. .wav.
Emissores do Norte Reunidos, Porto, MW, 1968.
Radio Free Russia (NTS), clandest., SW, 1969. .wav.
Radio Saarbrücken, Germany, MW, 1963.
Deutscher Soldatensender, E. Germany, 1970. .wav.
Radio Veronica, pirate off Neth., MW, 1964. .wav.
Radio Barcelona, Spain, MW, 1964.
R. Renascença, Portugal, SW, 1966. Photo. .wav.
Radio City, pirate radio, North Sea, MW, 1967.
Radio España Independiente, clandestine, SW, 1970.
RIAS, West Berlin, MW/SW, 1967.
Südwestfunk, Germany, MW/SW, 1963.
Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Germany, MW/SW, 1963.
Radio Andorra, MW/SW, 1966. .wav.
Schulungssender, Austrian Army training BC transmitter, SW, 1969. .wav.
Belgian National Broadc. Sce., SW, 1964. .wav.
Radio Essex, pirate radio, North Sea, MW, 1965.
Radio De Hoop, hospital ship broadc. sce., North Sea, SW, 1970. .wav.
Ríkisútvarpiđ, Iceland, LW/SW, 1966.
Radio Monte Carlo, Monaco, MW/SW, 1964.
Rádio Clube Português, Portugal, MW/SW, 1964.
SWL card (for HAM stations), my own, 1960's.
Pyrgos Broadcasting Station, Greece, MW,
1965. Pennant. .wav, 2.
Radiophonikos Stathmos Phokidos, private,
Greece (Amphissa), MW, 1970. .wav.
Radio Sevilla, Spain, MW, 1965.


AFRTS Kagnew Station, Eritrea, MW, 1969.
Radio Atlántico, Canary Is., MW, 1968.
AFRTS Wheelus Field, Libya, MW. .wav.
Deutsche Welle, Rwanda, SW, 1966.
Radio Malagasy, Malgache Rep., SW, 1966.
Rádio Clube Moçambique, SW/MW, 1966. .wav
ELWA, Liberia, SW, 1963.
FEBA, Seychelles, SW, 1970.
Radio Cameroun, SW, 1967.
Radio CORDAC, Burundi, SW, 1967.
Rádio Clube São Tomé, SW, 1967.
Radio Mauritanie, SW, 1970.

BBC Masirah Is., Oman, MW, 1970.
BFBS Aden, MW, 1966.
Radio Afghanistan, SW/MW, 1969.
Radio Brunei, SW, 1967.
Broadc. Corp. of China, Taiwan, SW, 1966. .wav.
BFBS Singapore, SW, 1969.
BBC Far Eastern Station, Singapore, SW, 1966.
Radio Malaysia, SW, 1967.
Radio Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Air Force bc. station), SW, 1970.
Voice of the Coast, Dubai, SW, 1970.
Qatar Broadcasting Service, SW, 1969.
Radio Malaysia Sarawak, SW, 1971. .wav.
South East Asia Radio Voice, Philippines, SW, 1971.
KSBU (FEBC), Ryukyus, MW, 1971.

Radio Australia Darwin, SW, 1970.
Solomon Is. Broadcasting Sce., SW, 1970.
Radio Nouméa, New Caledonia, SW, 1970.


VOA Bound Brook (WBOU), SW, 1963.
CKBW, Canada NS, MW, 1970.

Radio ZDK, Antigua, MW, 1971.
Radio Americas, Swan Is., SW/MW, 1964. .wav.
Radio Nederland Bonaire, Neth. Antilles, SW, 1969.
Windward Is. Broadc. Sce., Grenada, SW, 1963.
Radio Reloj, Costa Rica, SW, 1967. .wav.
Radio Cristal, Dominican Rep., SW, 1970.

Rádio Aparecida, Brazil, SW, 1967. Pennant.

Radio El Mundo, Argentina, SW/MW, 1968. Pennant.
Rádio Jornal do Commercio, Brazil, SW, 1964. .wav.
Radio Barquisimeto, Venezuela, SW, 1965.
Radio Demerara, Guyana, SW, 1969.
Radio Espinharas de Patos, Brazil, MW, 1969. .wav.
Radio Boconó, Venezuela, SW, 1967.
Emisoras Gran Colombia, Ecuador, SW, 1971.
Radio Altiplano, Bolivia, SW, 1971. .wav.
Radio Carve, Uruguay, MW, 1968.
Radio del Pacífico, Peru, SW, 1970.
Radio Frontera, Venezuela, SW, 1967. Pennant.
Radio Guatapurí, Ecuador, SW, 1970.
Radio Atlántida, Peru, SW, 1970.
Rádio Poti, Brazil, SW, 1970.



Rádio Aparecida, Brazil.
Radio España de Barcelona (EAJ15). .wav.
Radio Colosal, Colombia.
CRE Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Radio El Mundo, Argentina.
Emisora Atlántico, Colombia. .wav.
Radio Frontera, Venezuela.
Radio Mallorca, Spain.
Radio Juventud Murcia, Spain.
Emisora Nueva Granada, Colombia. .wav.
Pyrgos Broadcasting Station, Greece. .wav. QSL.
Radio Juventud Granada, Spain.
Radio Nacional de España, Spain.
Radio Nacional de España, Sevilla, Spain. Photo.
Emissora Rural, Brazil.
Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Suomen DX-Kuuntelijat (a DX club), Finland.
Ecos del Torbes, Venezuela.
Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Venezuela. .wav.
Radio Zaragoza, Spain.

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