With an emphasis on older and thus lesser known publications.

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Billig's grosses Handbuch der Fälschungen. Otto E. Stiedl (text) & Fritz Billig (photo). Published in Vienna in 1933–38 in 44 small volumes (Lieferung) covering one country each. Some of the volumes have been translated into English. Very comprehensive, based on good photos. In German.

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R. J. Ceresa. The Postage Stamps of Russia. Volume I Armenia, II Ukraine, III The Armies and Post Offices, IV Azerbaijan, Batum and Georgia, V The RSFSR Issues. Since the first volume was published in England in 1977, 46 books have appeared in this monumental work finished in 2002. It covers all aspects of the traditional Russian philately of the first decades of the 20th century, with a strong emphasis on forgeries. Sold by
In the spring of 2004 Dr. Ceresa started a new series, Russian Postage Stamps 1917–1923 Forgery Guide. Each A4 size volume, planned to be issued at a rate of one per month, covers a limited subject; 15 volumes will be available before the end of 2005 and a total of 160 is estimated.

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The Early Philatelic Forgeries of All Countries. A 1953 Ragatz reprint containing, in one volume, works from the 1860's by Moens, Doble, Lewes & Pemberton, Dalston and Stourton.

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Le faussaire de Wondelgem. Publ. by Groupe d'Etude des Falsifications, Bruxelles 1992. Contains pictures of 505 forged overprints up to 1930. In French. Not very helpful.
(I am not aware of forgeries attributed to Wondelgem. Maybe the devices were not widely utilised.)

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Japan. The CD Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan, 2nd edition, was published in 2002 (the 1st in 1997) by the International Society for Japanese Philately (see the Links), Haddonfield NJ (USA).

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Publication of a second series of this study started in 2001.

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The Spud Papers: An Illustrated Descriptive Catalog of Early Philatelic Forgeries. Published 1871–81 in 67 parts. This historical work (mainly on Spiro forgeries) is available in one volume in the form of two modern (1977) reprints. Better identification may, however, be found in later forgery handbooks.

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Wondelgem: see Faussaire de ...

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The Work of Jean de Sperati. British Philatelic Association 1955. Part I, the text (reprinted 1956). Part II, the picture plates. An excellent work, but Speratis are rarely encountered.
In 1997 James Bendon Ltd (Limassol) published a one volume reprint edition integrating both the text and the plates.

The Yucatan Affair: The Work of Raoul Ch. de Thuin, Philatelic Counterfeiter. Publ. APS 1974 (reprinted 1980). Very thorough.

This Stamp Forgery Guide was first published in 2001.
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