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Names G–L, Names M–R, Names S–Z, Areas A–E, Areas F–G, Areas H–R, Areas S–Z, First names, Stamp Forgery Guide

Signature/name Expertizing areaDetails (b. born, d. dead, f. founded)
A (in blue): correct postageBelgium and Colonies (postal history)See Soeteman, additional marks
A (resembling CA, in circle)UkraineSee Breul
A under crownCzechoslovakiaSee Sula
A3.boka (Az. Voka)Russia (Armies and areas), AzerbaijanSee Az.Voka
Abonyi, JenöHungary, Fiume (forged)Budapest 1949, dealer, [Flasch]
AbrahamHungary (Szeged etc.)[Flasch]
Abt, WalterSwitzerland incl. hotel postsThun (CH), Basel, BPP 1980, SBPV
AC (monogram)CzechoslovakiaSee Cerny, Antonín
AC (or CA, in circle)Poland (Cracow 1919)See CA
ÁcsJenö (Acs). NoteHungary, FiumeDr. Jenö Ács, 1920s, forged, [Flasch]
Ad. Glaettli, ZürichBritish East AfricaSee Glaettli
Adam & Söhne (= sons)GermanyGermany, dealers
Adamczyk, JanuszPolandKraków 2000, Polish Fed.
Adgey-Edgar, Capt. Walter HerbertJapanese occ.s Malaya and Burma, Manchukuo, TibetGreat Britain, 1887–1977, philatelist. Note.
Adler, ArthurGermany (Bizone incl. Bauten)Grebendorf, BPP 1961
AEGermany, Turkey, WorldwideSee Arthur Ernst Glasewald
AF (in manuscript)Finland?See Freymuth
AG (in manuscript)Finland, Russia, BalticsSee Fabergé
Agadjan, F.Caucasia, RussiaSee Arcadjan
Agaogullari, ZiyaTurkeyTurkey, Turkish Phil. Fed. 2001
AgFFinland, Russia, BalticsSee Fabergé
Aginelli, E., Torino, 2Italian StatesSee Asinelli
Aguirre, Eduardo (in square)Latin AmericaMexico DF 1926 1949, dealer, forged
AHL (in 2 lines in circular box)Germany (Upper Silesia)A suspect mark
AIEPWorldwideAssociation Internationale des Experts en Philatélie, Zurich, f. 1954
Aigner, Dr..VÖB a.o. member
Aisslinger, HorstWorldwide (air mails)Aalen, 1925–92, BPP 1976, AIEP 79–92
AJAustria (1945 overprints on Germany).
AK (upper case script)TurkeySee Kicukis
AK (in circle)UkraineSee Koliski
Aksamit, PavelCzechoslovakiaCzech Rep., b. 1942, SCF 2004–
Alcalde, P. Spain (Civil War).
Alcuri, Paul J., 2 (pencil). Certif.Worldwide (pre-1900)Canterbury (GB), dealer 1945–
AL (or LA) (monogram)Ukraine.
ALLRussia (areas), UkraineOn forged
Allegeershecque, André le Jeune d'Belgium Brussels, 1922–99, [Soeteman]
Allen, Thomas ('TA', 'T. Allen')Br. ColoniesLondon 1926, 1895–1984, dealers.
Althen, ManfredGermany (Allenstein)Bad Vilbel, BPP 1991
AltmannGerman StatesOn forged, forged
Altstädter, Dr.Yugoslavia (SHS)[Flasch]
Alvarez, RicardoCosta Rica, Central AmericaSan José, 1912–2003, dealer, AIEP 1982–2000, As Fil de CR 2001
Alver, HeldurEstoniaSweden, in use c. 1970–80
Amano, YasuharuJapan and areasJapan, ECPM (q.v.) 2001
Ambroz, O.Yugoslavia (SHS)Eszék (Hungary), a forger, [Flasch]
Amend, GüntherSpain and ColoniesHamburg, BPP 1961
Ames, NormanRussia, Soviet UnionSwindon 2001, Br. Soc. of Russian Phil.
Anbeisser, J. H.WorldwideCologne 1897
Andersen, HansGerman States (Schleswig-Holstein); German occ. KurlandFlensburg 1950, 1882–1965, BPP 1961
Anderson, Spencer ('S.A.')USAUSA
Anderssen, Dr. JustusNorwayNorway 1929, up to 1950s
Anduze, Garanti: P.Latin AmericaPaul Anduze; forged
Angelides, AntoineTurkeyIstanbul, pre-WW2, dealer
Angeloglu (Angeloglous), E. L. ('ela'). Picture. Advert.Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.Cairo 1905 1926 1943, b. 1878, dealer. Note
AnonHungaryAlias Szabó, on forged, [Flasch]
Antoniazzo, V. (Vincenzo?)Fiume[Flasch]
Antoniu, Jan S..Rumania, 1905–87, AIEP 1967–76
APAI (successor of APA)Saudi ArabiaSee Arabian Philatelic Assoc. Int.
APEX (formerly APES)USA, BNA, WorldwideAmerican Philatelic Expertizing Service (APS and ASDA), 1903–, [PE]. Note
apitz (forged)GermanySee Opitz
appadopulo (in boxed P)Russia (Siberia)See Pappadopulo
APSWorldwideAmerican Philatelic Society, see APEX
ARGermany East (1945 locals Grabow)See Rodewald
Arabian Philatelic Assoc. Int. Certif.Saudi ArabiaAPAI, expertising service. Cf. King.
Arbeit, MarcelCzechoslovakia (postal stationery)Czech Rep., SCF 2005–
Arcadjan (or Agadjan(ian)), F.Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, RussiaParis?, on forged
Arechavala, Graciliano.Madrid, 1907–57, AIEP 1954–57
Arenz, Dr. HartmutGermany (1945–6 locals)Cologne, BPP (1991) until 2005
ARGE (ArGe Kontrollrat)Germany (Allied occ. 1946–48 colours)See Bernhöft and Hohmann resp.
Argyropoulos, Alexander G. (A. ΑΡΓΥΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ). PhotoGreece, Epirus, Ikaria, Ionian Is.Athens 1949, 1883–1962, dealer
Arikan, Arman. PhotoTurkeyIstanbul, dealer (Kamer Arikan), Turkish Phil. Fed. 2001
Arkel, .. W. von, Bremen, 2German States, Colonies and PO abroad, UkraineBremen, dealer
Arnold, AlwinUkraineBerlin-Wilmersdorf, b. 1878, UPV, BPP 1935, [UPNS]
Arsman, N. Cengiz. PhotoTurkeyTurkey, b. 1940, Turkish Phil. Fed. 2001
AS (monogram)UkraineSee Stohmann
ASEPSwitzerlandFrench for SBPV, q.v.
Ashbrook, Stanley B. (m.scr.)USA, Confederate StatesCincinnati 1926, 1882–1957(58?)
AsinelliItaly and StatesSee Colla Asinelli
Asinelli, E., Torino, 2 Italian States Turin, dealer
Aufdruck falschGerman area (mainly)German for "Forged overprint"
Aune, Finn. Certif.NorwayVollen (Norway), b. 1955, dealer, expert 1989–, AIEP 1997–, [FFE3, PE]
Avi, Dr. Helmuth. Certif. Italy and States, Italian Colonies, San Marino, VaticanLugano 2002, SBPV
Avia Lopez, JaimeSpainCOMEX 1996
AWHungarySee Walder
Az.Voka (A3.Boka)Russia (Armies, areas), AzerbaijanProbably Azerbaijan Philatelic Association, also on forged
Aznar Havana CubaCubaAlso on forged
B (in circle, manuscript)Hungary (Debrecen), Rumania (Regatul)See S. Bayer (Galatz), [Flasch]
B (actually JB) (monogram)Ukraine, Western UkraineSee Baumgarten
Babor, Gerhard. Certif.AustriaVienna 2001, b. 1952, auctions (Dorotheum), VÖB, AIEP 2004–, [FFE8]
Bach, Jean PaulWorldwideBasel, b. c. 1953, dealer 1981–, member of BPB 1999, q.v.
Bach, LudwigSaar (Mi 226I–238I, 1947)Saarbrücken 1949, dealer.
Bacon, Sir Edward Denny.
WorldwideLondon, 1860–1938, RPSL Exp. Comm.
Baete, Jean ('J. Baete', in italics, violet)BelgiumBrussels, 1919–97, AIEP 1971–97, [Soeteman]
Balasse, GuyBelgium and Colonies, Worldwide (pre-1900)Brussels 1999, [Soeteman]. Note
Balasse, Willy (in italics (forged!), red or black German style C in rectangle, or in manuscript)BelgiumBrussels 1943 1961, 1906–92, dealer, AIEP 1952–92
Ballschmidt, Günter. GB (?)Germany East (Bezirk 1948)Essen, Berlin 2002, BPP 1976
Banater Philatelist ('PhB', qv.)Hungary (Debrecen; on genuine)A Temesvár magazine, [Flasch]
Banks, BarryUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesOgden Utah, Empire Philatelics, Profess. Stamp Experts 2000
Bar, Julij ('J3ar'). Certif.YugoslaviaLjubljana 1941, expert c. 1955–80
Barabassy, NicolausHungaryFrechen (DE), BPP 2000–
Baranya II Tevny. (in metal)Hungary (Baranya errors)See [Flasch 56], forged in rubber
Bargagli-Petrucci, Count FilippoItalian States (Tuscany)Firenze, 1926–84, dealer, AIEP 1954–84
Bärsch, Jürgen (Barsch)Saar (Official Mi 1–32)Wiesbaden, BPP 1996
BartelsEstonia, Switzerland etc.Hamburg, dealer, in use c. 1950–70. Note
Bartels, John MurrayWorldwideAm. Phil. Ass. expert early 20th century
Barth, NorbertGermany (1945–6 certain locals)Wegberg 2005, BPP 2005–
Baschwitz, Germán. Certif.SpainMadrid, CEM 1996, BPP 2001
Basel, BriefmarkenprüfstelleEurope, WorldwideSee Briefmarkenprüfstelle Basel
Basika, KarelCzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia, 1903–68, SCF
Bates, RichardUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Bátori (Artur Emil Batori)Hungary (Debrecen etc.)Budapest, dealer, a good mark, [Flasch]
Baudot, Jean-François (manuscript)FranceBourges (France) 2001. Note
Bauër, HenryGerman States (NDP (Alsace-Lorraine))Strasbourg 1926, dealer
Baumgarten, Josef, 2 (cf. [Flasch]), 'JB' (monogram). NoteWestern Ukraine, Ukraine, HungaryVienna 1920s, dealer, also on forged
Bayer (manuscript)Iceland.
Bayer (S. Bayér)HungaryGalatz (Rumania), dealer, [Flasch]
Bazant, AndreasAustriaVienna 2001, b. 1961, dealer, VÖB
BBB (in two lines, also in circle)Russia (areas), UkraineOn forged. Cf. Ernst
BBB (in three lines) Hungary (ovpt) On genuine, [Flasch]
BBB (within a triangle)Korea (Kingdom/Empire).
Beal, James H.MexicoOhio, 1922–87, APS
Beaufond, Edgar Huyghes deFranceParis 1943, 1886–1964, dealer. Note
Bechtold, Günter (forged)Germany (Infla incl. Official)Weilheim, b. 1930, expert 1984–, BPP 1991, AIEP 1991–2001, [FFE3]
Beck, CharlesLuxembourgLuxembourg 1950
Becker, Ing. Ernst (forged). (Ing. = Engineer) German States (Prussia), Germany (Berlin, Bizone 1948), Germany East (OPD Meckl.-Vorp.), German occ.s Poland (GG) and Kurland, Lithuania, Central Lithuania, MemelAnklam 1935, Hamburg 1950, 1894–1971, BPP 1961, AIEP 1954–71
Becker, G.  ('G. Becker–Echt')PolandPoland pre-WW2, dealer. Mostly on forged [Stallberg]
Beckhaus, WalterGermany (postal stationery?)Berlin, BPP 1961
Beeck, Edmund van derRussiaMoscow 1897
beetle (picture of)Germany (and several related areas)See Dub, Dr. Emil
Behr, Bernard. Certif.FranceParis, b. 1924, dealer, expert 1954–, AIEP 1974–, [PE]
Behr, GeorgesFrance and ColoniesParis, b. 1893, founded the shop in 1920
Behr, Pascal OlivierFrance and ColoniesParis, b. 1962, dealer, expert 1991–, AIEP 2001–, [FFE6, PE]
Behrens, 2 (for use on Propaganda Forgeries), advert.WorldwideWalter B., d. 1950, dealers, Braunschweig, also on forged, [Flasch]
Behrsin, AlfredRussia (NW Army)Pskov (Pleskau), 1920s
Belasco, Steven R.USA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Belgian Congo Study Circle. Certif.Belgian CongoBelgium
Bellenger, GerardFranceNormandy 2000, status uncertain
Bellion, P. France, EuropeParis 1943, dealer
Bender, RainerGerman occ. WW2 Lithuania Cologne d. 2010, BPP 2007–2010
Beneš, František (Benes) ('Pofis-Beneš')Czechoslovakia, Bohemia & MoraviaPrague 2001, b. 1955, dealer (Profil), SCF chairman, AIEP c.2006–
Beneš Sr., František (Benes)Czechoslovakia (postal history)Prague, b. 1931, dealer (Profil)
BenolCzechoslovakiaDealer's or owner's mark. [Hoffmann]
Benussi, RuggeroFiume, Yugoslavia (1918–41)Bolzano, 1924–2004, expert 1948–2003, AIEP 1964–2003, [FFE6]
Benzinger, Prof. HeinzChina (Empire), ShanghaiMunich, BPP 1980
Berbeka, JanuszPoland (all, exc. Plebiscite, Locals)Poznan 2000, Polish Fed.
Berck, Edouard. Mark?FranceParis 1961, c. 1900–94, dealer, AIEP 1954–94
Berger, Ant.LuxembourgLuxemburg 1897
Berger, Florian. Certif.German StatesLimburg, b. 1939, dealer, BPP 1980
Berger, L.German States (Brunswick)Braunschweig 1897
Berger, P. E. (two sizes)Turkey, Poland?.
Bergua, Enrique SoroSpain and ColoniesSee Soro Bergua, Enrique
Berlingin, RenéBelgiumHam-sur-Heine 1935 1950, dealer
Bernardelli, Renzo.Italy, 1905–75, AIEP 1960–75
Bernhöft, JoachimGermany (Allied occ. 1946–48 colours)Frankfurt a.M 2007. Note
Bernichon, Jules, Paris. (Jules Anthoine)French Colonies, Malaya, Turkey, etc.Paris, d. 1911, dealer, mark forged by [Wondelgem]
Berntsen, ArnsteinNorwayOslo, d. 1980?
Berra-Gautschy, Rémy. Certif.SwitzerlandMonthey (CH), b. 1931, expert 1972–, AIEP 1985–, SBPV, [FFE3, PE]
Beskow, BernhardIcelandStockholm, dealer (Frimärkshuset)
Bessels, Giel J.Netherlands IndiesNetherlands 2001, BKD expert, [FFE4]
Bettin, L. (or I.)Italy.
BÉVI (in circle)Hungary (ragasztó = forged)Budap., expert comm., active, [Flasch 60]
BGSwedenSee Grenstedt, Bo
Bialek, HenrykPolandWarsaw 2000, Polish Fed. –c.2005
Bialikamien, Enrique. PhotoCosta RicaSan José, Asoc. Filat. de C.R. 2001
BianchiRussiaJohn Bianchi (see below), or B. Bianchi, Geneva, both dealers, up to 1940s
Bianchi, Ennio. Certif.ItalyMilan 2001. Note
Bianchi, JohnSwitzerland (Cantons and Rayons)Zurich-Zollikon 1926 1950, (see above)
BiermannUkraineGermany, collector, on genuine, [UPNS]
Biesecke, FranzDenmark, Iceland, Norway, GermanyBerlin 1950, 1888–1966, BPP 1961
Bifani, Giorgio. Certif. Italy esp. Italian Social Republic Roncadelle Brescia 2009
Bilandzic, ThomirYugoslavia (SHS), Fiume Zagreb 2006, CPS
Billig, P., WienUkraineNot Fritz Billig?
Binner Norden, ErichHeligolandWilhelmshaven 1950, d. 1956
Biondi, Gino. Certif.Italy and StatesFirenze 2001, dealer. Note
Birnbach, HeinrichRumania (1866–72)Berlin, b. 1872
BirnbaumGerman StatesNote
Biró, Marcel (see the scans)HungaryDebrecen, see [Flasch 63]
Bísek, JiríWorldwide (air mails)Praha, expert 1974–2002, SCF 2001
Bishop, Rex D.German Colonies, Greece, JapanBoonton NJ (USA) 2001
Bisk, AlexanderRussia and areas, UkraineNew York NY, dealer
BKD, Bondskeuringsdienst. Certif.Netherlands and ColoniesDutch Federation's Expertising Service, f. 1922, [PE]
Blaha, Dr. Miroslav (in script)Czechoslovakia, Carpatho-UkraineSkalitz, Zabreh (CZ), 1921–93. Note
Blanc, Robert (metal hand stamp)France and ColoniesParis 1943, dealer
Blecher, Friedrich Wilhelm. Certif.Germany (NDP, Alsace-Lorraine)Essen, Winterberg, 1924–2000, BPP 1976, AIEP 1976–98
Bloch, Herbert J., 2 (manuscript). Certif.Worldwide, Poland (Cracow 1919)New York NY, 1907–87, expert 1950–87, AIEP 1956–87. Note
Blomberg, ErikSwedenStockholm 1961
BM (inside map outline)CSA, USA (Tennessee postal history)See Matz
Bobecka, Vladimir.Rumania, b. 1921, AIEP 1958–62
Bochmann, Dr. Eugen vonRussiaRiga, 1836–1901
Böcking, Jean (Bocking, Boecking), J. B.SaarSaarbrücken, 1873–1925, expert c. 1920–25, the JB mark has been forged [Wilhelm van Loo]
Boden, ErichGerman ColoniesBraunschweig 1950, b. 1878
Bodor, Dr. MihályHungary (occ. and local issues), FiumePécs 2006, [Flasch]. Note
Boeck Parada, Eugenio vonBoliviaBolivia, b. 1923, [FFE3 6]
Boekema, RoelfNetherlands and ColoniesThe Hague, 1904–97, dealer, BPP 1961
BOG ERT DUR BIN (one letter on back of each stamp in sheet)USA (Providence RI reprints)Bogert & Durbin Co, New York NY 1898, dealers
Bohdan, J., 'J.B.'UkraineRumania, on forged
Böheim, Dr. Julius (Boheim)Germany East (Bezirk 1948)Konstanz, BPP 1991
Bohler, René. Certif. SwitzerlandHindelbank 1974, SBPV
Bohne, Dr. Werner M. NoteGermany incl. all areasLongwood FL, 1920–1998, AIEP 1985–98
Bojanowicz, Miroslaw A.Poland incl. localsRome 1949, later Wembley (GB), 1906 or 1907–86, dealer, BPP 1961, AIEP 1961–86.
Boker, John R., jr.USAUSA, b. 1913, Philatelic Foundation
Bokvaj, MilanEurope, Scandinavia (postal history)Prague, SCF 2001
Bolaffi, Alberto (jr.). Certif. (the company)Italy and StatesTurin, b. 1936, son of Giulio, dealer, expert 1975–, AIEP 1983–, [FFE5, PF]
Bolaffi, Alberto (sr.)Italy and StatesTurin, 1874–1944
Bolaffi, Dr. DanteItalian StatesTurin, 1908–88, son of Giulio, AIEP 1976–88
Bolaffi, Dr. Giulio (manuscript). Certif.ItalyTurin 1961, 1902–87, son of Alberto sr., AIEP 1954–87
Booleman, M. Z.South AfricaAmsterdam 1897
Booleman, W. R.UkraineNetherlands?
Borek, 2, 3WorldwideRichard B. (Sr.), 1874–1947, dealers f. 1893, in Braunschweig, [Flasch]
Born, CarlWorldwideLeipzig 1897
Bortfeldt, DieterColombiaBogotá, b. 1940, expert 1994–, AIEP 2002–, [FFE6, PE]
Boskovic, Zoran (ZB), 2 (in use 2005–). Certif.Yugoslavia (certain former areas, see note)Belgrade, b. 1957, expert 2001–, Phil. Assoc. Serbia & M. Note
Bossert, H. W. Certif.SwitzerlandBasel 2005, independent expert
Bothe, Hans (forged twice). Certif.Germany, German Colonies incl. GRIBerlin-Tempelhof, deceased, BPP 1961
Bottacchi, Giacomo F. Italy (1862–78), Italian States (esp. Sardinia)Milan, b. 1962, auction agent, expert 1986–, AIEP 1999–, [FFE3, PE]
Boule, MauriceMonaco, Italy, France, WorldwideMonaco 2002, Paris 1999, b. 1943, dealer, expert 1987–,  AIEP 2002–, [FFE6, PE]
Bouvet, Dr. PierreFranceParis 1943. Note
Bowman, James W.Confederate StatesLubbock TX 2000
BPA. Certif, 2Br. Colonies, WorldwideBritish Philatelic Association, f. 1928, [PE]. Note
BPBEurope, WorldwideSee BPBS
BPP. Meaning of the position of marksGermany (incl. all areas), Europe, WorldwideBund der philatelistischen Prüfer, Germany, f. 1958
BPSB, Briefmarkenprüfstelle BaselEurope, Worldwide. Also on forgedBasel, expert committee. Note. Certif.
Brainard (in script)WorldwideChristopher E. B., New Jersey, dealer (B&S Stamp Bourse), [Flasch]
Brandes, W., 2 (in script)German States and ColoniesProbably: Willi B. Jr, Berlin 1943, dealer
Brandon, David. Certif. NoteGreat Britain, Br. ColoniesGuildford, dealers, independent experts
Braun, AxelSaarWaldmohr, BPP
Braunstein, IliaWorldwide (air mails)Brussels, 1909–80, AIEP 1970–80
Brekenfeld, CarstenGerman Carolines, Cameroun and TogoBerlin, BPP 2001
Brett, MarcellGermany (Soviet occ. locals) Burg OT Detershagen, BPP 2014–
Brettl, Cornelia. Certif.German States (Bavaria air mails), Heligoland, LubeckVaterstetten, BPP 2004–
Brettl, Maria. Certif.German States (esp. Bavaria, air mails), USA (pre-WW1), Argentina (Corrientes)Vaterstetten, b. 1930, expert 1964–, BPP 1968–10, AIEP 1968–, [FFE3, PE]
Brettschneider, W.AustraliaMelbourne 1897
Breul, Arno(ld), 'A' (in circle)UkraineGera-Zwötzen 1950 1961
Briefmarkenprüfstelle BaselEurope, WorldwideSee BPBS
Bringmann, Dr. WolfgangGerman States (Prussia)Berlin, BPP 1991
Bristow, MercerWorldwideB. 1951, APS Dir. of Exp., [FFE3]
BrooksHungary (Szeged).
Brooksbank, RandallUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Brudeseth, ÅgeNorwayNorway 1999
Brugger, Guido. Certif.Germany (Mi 1–30)Meckenbeuren, BPP 1996
Bruhl, EmilEstoniaTallinn, expert c. 1930–60
Brun, Aimé. Photo. Note. Advert.France and Colonies, WorldwideParis 1926, 1887–1969, dealer 1926. Note 2
Brun, Jean-François. Certif. Photo. NoteFrance and ColoniesParis, b. 1943, expert 1970–, BPP 1984, AIEP 1970–, [FFE2, 3 (p. 167) 6, 7, PE]
Brunel, RobertGerman occ. WW2 Balkans and SudetiansMauerstetten, BPP 2001–
Brunner, Felix ('F. Brunner')Czechoslovakia (Posta 1919), Austria[Flasch], (q.v. Am. Phil. Congr. Book 1944: b. 1893)
Brunner, Joh.German States (Bavaria)B. 1874
Brys, J. (in black)BelgiumJohn B., [Soeteman]
bsbCzechoslovakiaSee Skandera
BSC (in German type)Hungary[Flasch]
BSRPRussia and areasBritish Soc. of Russian Philately. Note
Buchbinder, Dr. Med. Jürgen. (Used to mark forged stamps as such.)Poland (Przedborz)Bad Sassendorf? c.2000, a specialist collector
Buchsbayew, Dr. PaulRussia, Soviet UnionNew York NY, b. 1952, Cherrystone Auctions, expert 1986–, AIEP 1992–, NFF, [FFE5, PE]
Buchta, EduardCzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia, 1911–77, SCFS
Budapester Bg. BörseHungary (Szeged)[Flasch]
Bühler, Georg 2 (+forged twice). Photo. Certif. Ads. (Buhler, Buehler)Germany and States, Europe, South America and Worldwide (all pre-1900), Br. ColoniesBerlin, d. 1999, auctioneer 1931–, dealer 1943, expert, BPP 1961. Note
Buijs, H. H.Netherlands IndiesTegal (Neth. Indies) 1897
Bukvic, C., Kr. VinohradyCzechoslovakiaPrague-Vinohrady, dealer
Bulat, H. (in Cyrillic script; also in Latin script), Bulat BPPUkraine, Carpatho-Ukraine, Western Ukraine, PolandJohn Bulat, Yonkers NY, d. 1999, BPP 1976
Bulkley, JonathanUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Bungerz, AlexanderGerman occ. Libau; Latvia, etc.Vienna, 1874–1931
Büning, Paul (Buning, Buening)GreeceWiesbaden 1950
Buranasombati, Pichai
(Works as member of committee.)
ThailandThailand, b. 1944, expert 1999–, AIEP 2003–, [FFE7, PE]
Burgdorf, W.Iran (Persia)Bremen 1961
Burger, Alfred (forged). Certif.Saar (Mi 1–52)St. Ingbert 1997, BPP 1980
Burger, ErnstIsrael, PalestineCologne-Lindenthal, 1921–83, BPP 1968, AIEP 1978–83
Burhop, DedoGermany East (OPD 1945, Bezirk 1948)Butjadingen (Germany) 2003, dealer
Burillo, AntonioSpainCEM expert 1996
Burneleit, AlbertGermany (Infla colours)Berlin 1942 1961
Busch, Werner. (Forged: Busch BBP (sic!).)Germany, TurkeyBerlin-Wilmersdorf 1950
Busse, JoachimGermany East (Bezirk 1948)Reichling 2003, BPP 1984–2008
Bustillo, LarryUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Butikofer, FrédEuropePully (CH), d. 1978, AIEP 1954–74
Butler, A(rthur) RonaldColonies in AustraliaWest Worthing (GB), 1916–2003, AIEP 1978–2003, Past Chairman RPSL Exp. Comm., [FFE1 2 4]
Byram, J.Ukraine, Western UkraineSee Bulat, John (the Cyrillic mark)
C in German style in rectangle, red or blackBelgiumSee Balasse, Willy
CA (monogram)CzechoslovakiaSee Cerny, Antonín
CA (or AC, in circle)Poland (Cracow 1919)[Scan: Slawomir Sejda]
CA (in circle)UkraineReported to be Breul, q.v.
CA, einf. CA, CA CA. (einf. = single)Br. ColoniesCA or Multiple CA Watermark, (not an expertising mark)
Caffaz, Egidio Primo. Certif.Italy and areasPadova 2001, dealer. Note
Cajal Mora, Antonio.Madrid, 1905–87, AIEP 1954–75
Cajal Oñate (Onate), José Antonio. Certif.SpainSpain, b. 1933, CEM expert 1996, AIEP 1971–74
Calhoun, Col. Richard L.Confederate StatesChicago 2000, CSA
Calves, Christian. Certif. France and ColoniesParis, 2009–, dealer. Positions
Calves, Roger (in script (often worn); and in manuscript). Certif., 2France and Colonies, Europe, WorldwideParis, 1921–2009, dealer, AIEP 1960–99, BPP 1984 (no longer). Note
Cammaerts, RogerBelgiumBelgium 1999, [Soeteman]
Cancellation removedWorldwideStamp's cancellation has been removed
Cancelled to order (CTO), 2, 3Worldwide"G" means printed cancellation
Capill, Colin G.New ZealandNZ, RPSNZ Exp. Comm., [FFE1]
Capouch, StanislavAustria (–1918)Prague, SCF 2001
Caran, Dr. MirkoYugoslavia and areasBelgrade 2004, Phil. Assoc. Serbia & M.
Cardillo, PaoloItalian States (esp. Sardina) Turin 2008, b. 21.2.1966, SPC
Carion, Georges. Advert.1, Advert.2France and Colonies (ovpt.s)Paris 1926, dealer, forger and 'expert', advertised in 1909, [Tyler; Brühl p.492]
Carlsson, John (advert. for)SwedenKalmar, collector or dealer
Caro, ErwinIsrael.
Carraro, Gianni. Certif.ItalyMilan 2001, dealer. Note
Caspary, Alfred H.Worldwide (pre-1940)New York NY, 1877–1955, PF
Cartel, Dr.SaarOr Bartel, Dartel, Gartel?
Cassinie, G.EgyptAlexandria, dealer
Castle, M(arcellus) P(urnell)WorldwideEngland, 1849–1917, RPSL
Cattani, AdrianoItaly (pre-adh.)Padova 2005, dealer
CEH COLatin AmericaSee Hussman
Celler, DickUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
CEM. Certif.Spain and ColoniesComisión de Expertos de Madrid. Note
Ceremuga, Krzysztof (Chris)Australia (Cmwth), Papua, New Guinea, Togo (1914–18), Samoa (1914–18)Sydney, b. 1973, expert 1994–, AIEP 2001–, [FFE3, 5, PE]
Ceresa, Dr. R. J. in green, often smudged; RJC (note). Certif.Russia and all areas, Armenia, Azerbaijan, GeorgiaRaymond J. Ceresa, England 2001, expert 1977. Note
Cerny, Antonin, 'CA'CzechoslovakiaPrague na Újezde, d. 1938, dealer
Cerruti, Antonello Italy and areasRome 2008, b. 25.1.1952, SPC
Cerruto, Giorgio (manuscript) Italian States (Sardinia), Italy (Kingdom & Socialist Rep.)Brescia 1988, b. 21.8.1922
ChalotFrance and ColoniesParis dealer Chagot?
Champagne, DavidUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Champagne, RichardUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Champion, Théodore, 2?, 3 (3a), (also a winged wheel twice, in violet)WorldwideParis 1926, 1873–1954, dealer 1902–.
Chan, Dr. Shiu-HonChina incl. all areas, Hong Kong, MacauHong Kong 2004
Chang MinChinaHubei, b. 1952, [FFE3]
Charlat, L. W.Panama Canal Zone.
Chauvet, MichèleFrance (postal history –1878) Bussy-Saint-Martin (F), AIEP c.2006–
Cherniavsky, Dr. Ivan, 'JCz'Western UkraineKolomyya, [Bulat]
Chesloe, CharlieCzechoslovakiaWillow Springs IL USA 2002, dealer (Tribuna Stamp Co.), Tribuna Expert Committee
Chevalier, JeanFrance[Thomas Berger, CH]
Chevassu, Dr. MauriceFranceParis 1949, (1877–1957 ?). Note
Chiavarallo, Dr. Giovanni. Certif., 2Italy and States, AlbaniaNaples 2001. Note
chicken (picture of)Luxembourg.
Chile, Sociedad Filatelica de. Certif.ChileComisión de expertos, Santiago
Chomiak, MaksymUkraineCanada, collector
Chvalovský, JosefCzechoslovakiaPraha, SCF 2001
Cividini, Dragutin (?)Rumania etc.Croatia of today (if same person)
Cividini, Jean, ParisFrance, Austria etc.Paris, dealer, c. 1910–60, not reliable [cf. Sperati II, Tyler]
CKBIPUkraineSee Skweir
Clark, PeterGerman occ. Channel Is., Great Britain (Lundy), Propaganda forgeriesDüsseldorf, Sanderstead (Surrey), BPP 1961
Clercq, Leo DeBelgiumBelgium, FRCPB expert 1970–, [FFE1]
CMRussia (areas)On forged
CØA (Russian for 'SFA')Russia, Soviet UnionSee Soviet Philatelic Association
Cock, André-Emile deBelgium (cancellations)Brussels, 1880–1964, BPP 1961, AIEP 1954–64
Cohen Sabban, AlbertFrance (1900–)Paris, b. 1945, dealer, expert 1980–, AIEP 2000–, [FFE4, PE]
Cohring, F., BerlinUkraineBerlin, dealer
Colic, J. V. (Jerko V.)Yugoslavia (Croatia)Zagreb during WW2
Colla(-Asinelli), Dr. Giorgio. Certif.Italy and StatesTurin, b. 1946, expert 1977–, AIEP 1984–, [FFE1 3 4, PE]
Collins, Commander F(rank) W(illiam)Cape of Good HopeWinchester (GB), c. 1907–89, AIEP 1967–89
Colson, Warren H. ('W.H.C.')USA (provisionals), HawaiiBoston, 1882–1963, dealer
Comelli, PauloBrazilBelo Horizonte, b. 1943, AIEP 2003–, [FFE7, PE]
ComermaSpainA Catalan name?
COMEX. NoteSpain and Colonies, AndorraComisión de Expertos Filatelicos, Barcelona, f. 1965, [PE]
Commission Belge d'ÉxpertiseBelgiumBrussels 1950
Cooper, Jal (manuscript)India Bombay, d. 1972, famous dealer
Coptoir CentralAlbania (Korce)On forged
Corette, TomUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Corneille (in red). Note (3)Belgium and ColoniesSee Soeteman
Cosmopoulos, L. (in script), 2Greece and areasGreece? 1973
Costales, Eugene N. NoteUSANew York NY, 1894–1984, dealer 1926
Costantino, E.WorldwideProbably a US collector's mark
Coughlin, Ray L.USA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Coutinho Vieira, Maria IsabelPortugal and areasPortugal 2005, Inexfip apprentice
Cowitt, Richard I.USA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Crha, FrantisekCzechoslovakiaCzech Rep., b. 1931, expert 2004–
Critikian - MadridSpainRenato (René) C., Madrid 1943, 1908–91, dealer, AIEP 1954–c.56
Croatian Philatelic AssociationYugoslaviaZagreb
Cronin, AndrewRussia, Carpatho-Ukraine, MongoliaToronto, b. 1925, AIEP 2000–, [FFE1 4 (p.174) 5, PE]
Crowe, William T.
(Works as member of committee.)
USA, US PossessionsNew York NY, b. 1947, expert 1973–, PF, AIEP 1999–, [FFE5, PE]
crown over ACzechoslovakia (Posta 1919)See Sula, Jaroslav
CS (in red). Note (3)Belgium and ColoniesSee Soeteman
CSAConfederate StatesConfederate Stamp Alliance. Note
CsabaHungaryOn forged [Flasch]
Csepreghy (= Lajos Csepregi?)HungaryBudapest 1943, dealer, [Flasch]
CSS. Certif. onlyChina and related areasThe China Stamp Society Inc, MO, USA
CTOWorldwideSee cancelled to order
Cueni, Dr. Werner. PhotoSwitzerland, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Europe, Worldwide (air mail ovpt.s)Basel 1949, 1897–1955, official expert 1949, AIEP 1954–55
Cunliffe, RobertUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Curinaldi, Dr.Yugoslavia (ovpt Bosnia)Luigi von Curinaldi (Alois Kurinaldi), 1908 ?
Cuvelier, M.MoroccoParis 1943, dealer
CW (in oval)FinlandSee Wasenius
CW (in square)UkraineSee Shramchenko, [UPNS]
CWRUkraineSee Roberts
Czechoslovak Philately, Society forCzechoslovakiaUSA
Czencz, Dr. Sándor, 'DrCzS.'Hungary (Sopron 1956)Hungary, [Flasch]
Czimmek, UlrichGerman South West AfricaDüsseldorf, BPP 1991
d (in circle)Germany, etc.See Pfarrer Dieckelmann
D (in blue): genuine perforationBelgium and ColoniesSee Soeteman, additional marks
DGermanySee Herrmann Decker
DGermany and areasReported to be a mark of Dr. Dub, q.v.
D (Cyrillic letter, 'Д')Russia and areas, UkraineSee Davidoff
Dadkah, Dr. Mohamed Iran (Persia), Br. occ. BushireTeheran, 1910–80, AIEP 1970–80. Note
Daebel, RolandIcelandWensickendorf, b. 1951, BPP 1991
Dahmann, KurtWorldwide (air mails)Berlin-Wilmersdorf 1961, b. 1915
Dahnke, Kurt H. Certif.Tibet, Chinese PO TibetNuremberg, BPP 1976
Dalston, ThomasWorldwideEngland, b. 1845
D'Ambrosio, SusanUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Daniel, FrantisekRussia and Soviet Union (air mails)Czechoslovakia, 1912–94, SCSF
DannenbaumGerman States (Brunswick)Essen 1935
Darmietzel, PeterCzechoslovakia, Bohemia & MoraviaMarktsteinach, BPP 1996, SCF 2001
DarteyrePeruMaybe Didier Darteyre, France
Davidoff, 'D' (Cyrillic letter, 'Д')Russia and areas, UkraineA Russian General, on genuine, [UPNS]
Davis, Trevor
(Works as member of committee.)
Australia, Colonies in AustraliaLondon, b. 1940, dealer, expert 1980–, AIEP 2001–04, Brandon Exp. Comm., [PE]
Debney, RichardCape of Good HopeNew York NY 2001
Debo, Dr. ArnoDenmark, Danish WI, Faroes, Greenland, Iceland, Germany (Hapag)Heidelberg, Munich, 1921–2000, BPP 1958–, AIEP 1967–2000
Decker, Hermann ('D'). NoteGermanyHannover, dealer, expert 1880–, replaced genuine with forged 1897 [GSM 1897–8]
Declercq, LeoBelgiumSee Clercq, Leo De
de Cock, André-EmileBelgiumSee Cock, André-Emile de
Deilakis (script), 2 (caps.)Greece, Eastern RumeliaParis, pre-WW2, dealer
del Mazo, Jorge S.ArgentinaSee Mazo, Jorge S. del
del Tarre, FranciscoSpainSee Tarre, F. del
Delapierre, Robert (also 'R.D.' )BelgiumBelgium 1966, 1891–1970, [Soeteman]
Delgado, José.Madrid, c.1880–c.1970, AIEP 1954–c.56
Dellavalle, LorenzoItaly and StatesTurin, b. 1938, expert 1984–, AIEP 1991–, [FFE5, PE]
Dempwolff, BernhardNorwayMainz-Hechtsheim, BPP 1968
Demuth, René. Certif.LuxembourgBridel (Lux.), b. 1920, expert 1973–99, BPP 1980, AIEP 1973–2003, [FFE4]
Deutsche Kinderpost Amt IWorldwide"German Children's Post Office I"
Deyhle & Co, RobertSwitzerland (Cantons)Bern, dealers, experts 1880–
DG (in manuscript)Saudi ArabiaSee Graham
Diaz Paulos, FaustoUruguayMontevideo, b. 1927, expert 1980–2002, AIEP 1980–2003, [FFE3]
d (in a circle)Germany, etc.See Pfarrer Dieckelmann
Dieckelmann,  Pfarrer ('d' (in circle))Germany, etc.Germany, dealer or collector
Diena, Alberto. Certif.Italy and StatesRome 1950, 1894–1977, expert 1941–, AIEP 1954–77, son of Emilio
Diena, EmilioItalian StatesRome, 1860–1941, expert 1921– (1897?)
Diena, Dr. Enzo. Certif. NoteItalian States, Italy and Colonies, Italian occ.s and PO abroad, Trieste, Vatican, GermanyRome, 1927–2000, expert 1950–, AIEP 1975–2000, BPP 1980, son of Alberto, [FFE3]
Diena, MarioItalian StatesRome, 1891–1971, AIEP 1954–56, son of Emilio
Diena, Raffaele. Certif.Italy and StatesRome 2000, son of Enzo, expert 1993– trading as Enzo Diena s.n.c.
Diepenbroek, Willem J.UkraineBussum (Netherl.) , purchased Dr. Seichter's collection, BPP 1980
Dietrich, ArturGerman Colonies and States (Saxony), Heligoland, Europe (pre-1900)Leipzig 1950, Büttgen 1976, BPP 1961
Dietrich, HorstAfghanistanKaarst, 1923–2004, BPP 1980, AIEP 1976–2003
Dillemann, Paul (manuscript)FranceFrance, 1886–1936
Dimitrijevic, Vukadin.Nis (Serbia) 2004, Phil. Ass. Serbia M.
Dobbert, Karl-HeinzGerman field post in TurkeyBerlin, 1912–90, BPP 1980
Dobin, ManfredRussia (pre-adh.)St. Petersburg (Ru), b. 1925, expert 1991–, AIEP 1995–, [FFE4, PE]
DomarPoland (Cracow 1919)Poland
Dorogi Bp.HungaryBudapest, a collector's mark, [Flasch]
Doszkár, EmilHungaryHungary, dealer
Doubleday, RonPakistan (ovpt on India)Great Britain 2004
Dr. Cz S. Hungary (Sopron 1956)See Czencz
Dr. P. JemRussia (areas).See Jemtschoujin
Dr. Ps.Germany etc. See Paul Sachse
Dr. P. Sz.HungarySee Szilágyi
Dr. Sz.Rumania (Regatul), Hungary (Debrecen)See Szalay
Dr. U J (in circle)Hungary (Arad)Seen on genuine stamps, [Flasch]
Drahn, August Wilhelm,
A. W. Drahn
Germany (pre-1918), German States, Great Britain and Colonies, Italy and States, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Spain and Colonies, Portugal, Rumania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Bulgaria, Turkey, Europe (pre-1900), Russian PO Levant, Uruguay, Worldwide (pre-1900)Cologne 1943 and 1961, Bad Kissingen 1950, 1893–1974, dealer, Michel catalogue consultant (for pre-1918 listings), BPP 1958–, AIEP 1954–74
Drazan, VladimirCzechoslovakiaCzech Rep., b. 1941, expert 2004–
Dreyfus, AlainFranceThe Mulhouse dealer?
Droese, Bernhard ('B. Droese')Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany (1945 Flensburg local), AlbaniaPlön/Holstein 1950, Düsseldorf 1961, Bad Salzuflen 1968, BPP 1958–
Drossos, Pandelis J. (ΔΡΟΣΟΣ)Greece, Epirus, Ikaria, Ionian Is.Athens 1949, 1900–1996, dealer 1926
Drzewiecki, PrzemyslawPolandBydgoszcz 2008, Polish Fed.
DsenisRussia, UkraineSee Dzenis
Dub, Dr. Emil, 2 (beetle, 3 versions), also 'D' for Saar? Also forged. (Certif.)German occ.s and field posts WW2, Slovakia, Danzig, Italian occ. Fiumano-Kupa, Saar, Germany (Bizone 1948, Berlin), Germany East (OPDs), Austria (post-1918)Oberstein 1950, 1883–1976, expert 1920–, BPP 1958–, AIEP 1954–74. Note
Dubel, Dr. (forged).Germany 1960s
Dubus, Léon.France, 1894–1981, AIEP 1974–81
Dujmic, Zdravko(?)YugoslaviaZagreb, c. 1950–75
Dumaine, Robert F.USA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Dünnebier, Dr. HerbertSaarSaarbrücken 1949. Note
Düntsch, Dr. Gerhard (Infla Berlin) (forged) (Duentsch)Germany (Infla incl. Official)Berlin-Lichterfelde, BPP 1961
Duron, Dr.Central AmericaDr. Raúl Durón Membreño, Tegucigalpa; forged
Duscha, WalterUkraineGermany, b. 1903?, in Ukr. during WW2
Dvorácek, Ladislav. PhotoEurope (pre-1900)Prague, b. 1923, expert 1962–, AIEP 1969–, SCF 2001, [FFE5]
Dvorák, FrantisekAustria, CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia, b. 1914
Dy (in circle)Hungary[Flasch]
Dzenis, 2 (or Dsenis or Dzynis?)Ukraine, RussiaDzenis was a forger, cf. Dzynis
Dzynis RigaUkraineRiga, dealer, usually known as Dzenis, produced ovpts using stolen devices
E (in blue): genuine essayBelgium and ColoniesSee Soeteman, additional marks
E. St. b.Russia (areas)See St. b., E.
eagle (head of) + expertising numberAustriaSee Weiss, H.
EAHFinlandSee Hellman
Earée, Rev. Robert BriscoWorldwide (not reprints, ovp, Indian st.)Cheltenham, 1846–1928
EB (complex)EstoniaSee Bruhl, Emil
Ebel (in script)EuropeArnold E. (owner Benno Krell), Frankfurt, auctions
Ebnet, ChristianRussia, Soviet UnionKamenz, BPP 1991
Echt (in German style)Russia (areas)See Jemtschoujin
Echt im Block geprüft Infla Berlin (+forged twice) (boxed). NoteGermany (Infla 1923)See Infla Berlin
Echt Infla Berlin (+forged twice) (in circle)Germany (Infla 1923)See Infla Berlin
Eckardt, Dr. MoritzGerman States (Thurn & Taxis)Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1950, BPP 1961
Eckhardt, W. J.WorldwideUS (?) forgery collector's mark
EcksteinCzechoslovakiaSee Ekstein
EconomistWorldwideEconomist Stamp Co (Edward Stern et al.), New York NY 1926
ECM (?)Poland (Przedborz).
ECPMJapanExpert Committee of the Philatelic Museum Foundation, Tokyo Japan. Note
Edgar, Capt. W. H. AdgeyMalaya and Burma (Japanese Occup.)See Adgey-Edgar
Egtc (or Egte or Eqtc)Fiume.
Ehret, Dr. Karl Th.German States (Baden)Sinsheim-Ehret 1935, Freiburg 1950
Eibenstein, HubertusGerman Cameroun and Togo (excl. GRI)Berlin, BPP 1982–2005
EichGermany (field post WW2)Germany
Eichele, MartinWorldwideBasel, dealer (Philaclassica) 1985–, member of BPB, q.v.
Eichenthal (tall and narrow capital letters). NoteEstoniaTallinn, used by the Eichenthal stamp store
Eichenthal (letters in a circle), Eichenthal (in two lines)Estonia, Russia (areas)Ewald E., Södertälje (Sweden) 1950, prev. Tallinn, dealer, circular mark in use 1920–30s
Eichenthal (low ordinary capital letters). Forged, noteEstonia, LatviaWillem E., Kreuzwertheim a.M 1950, Stockholm 1961, prev. Tallinn, b. 1892, expert until early 1970s
Eichhorn, Florian. Certif. NoteJapan (excl. occ.s), KoreaWiesbaden, b. 1958, BPP 1983–
Eid, AlbertSaudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.Alexandria or Cairo (1949). Note
einf. C. A. (einfach = single)Br. ColoniesSee CA
Eisold, LotharRussia, FranceLahr (form. Dresden), 1930–2002, BPP 1990–2002
EK in circle and downward arrowHungary etc.[Flasch]
EKAGermany (Marienwerder)On forged
Ekstein, V., VinohradyCzechoslovakiaPrague-Vinohrady, pre-WW2, dealer
ELPoland (Cracow 1919).
elaSaudi ArabiaSee Angeloglu, E. L.
Elbau, Peter.Austria, Hungary, Rumania; (all –1918)Fürstenau 2002, SBPV 1993–
Eldrup, Ebbe. Certif.IcelandRungsted kyst (Denmark) 2001. Note
Eliades, Christa (forged)Germany (Berlin)Berlin, BPP 1996
Elicabe, Ricardo E.ArgentinaBuenos Aires Philatelic Society
EliotAlbaniaSir Charles Eliot?
Ell, JosephPortugalLisbon 1950, 1883–1957, AIEP 1954–57
Elliott N.Y.Worldwide (air mails?)New York NY, dealers
Elmhurst Philatelic SocietyMexicoSee MEPSI
Elo, HannuFinland (killer postmarks)Tampere, b. 1948, Finn. Phil. Fed. 1990–
Emmel, F.Germany (Infla), German States (Wurttemberg Official Mi 101–)Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, BPP 1961
Emery, Prof. Dr. W. O.USA incl. localsCrawfordsville (USA) 1897
Engel, R. F., (also Fa R. F. Engel) (Robert)German States (Saxony, and others), HeligolandHamburg 1897 1943, dealer, father of W. Engel
Engel, Walter, 2 (BPP), (both forged). Certif.Germany and States (esp. Hamburg), Chile (first issue), Non-European (pre-1900)Hamburg, 1914–82, BPP 1961, AIEP 1978–82
EngelsUkraineBerlin, UPV
Enger, Hans (Johan)Norway (excl. locals)Biri (Norway), b. 1944, dealer, expert 1991–, AIEP 1998–, BPP 1995–, [FFE5, PE]
Engler, Peter Ernst. Certif.TurkeyOwingen (Germ.) 1995, indep. expert. Note
Englert, Josef. Certif.German States (Baden)Aschaffenburg, BPP 1984
Enigma StampsAustraliaDealers
Enseñat, CarlosSpain and ColoniesBarcelona, COMEX 1983
Ercegovic, Velimir; ('V.E' in circle) Certif., 2Yugoslavia (excl. locals), Italian occ. Yugoslavia, German occ. YugoslaviaZagreb d. c. 1992, BPP 1980, c. 1970–92, [Flasch]
Erdwien, VolkerDanzig (incl. Port Gdansk), MemelElze, BPP 1996at, Carlos
Erdödi, Dr. János (in script)FiumeTrieste 1943, dealer, [Flasch]
Ernst, Adolf, two-line B. B. B. in circleCarpatho-UkraineEurope, later Palo Verde CA (USA), dealer, reported to use B.B.B. in circle
Ernst Belgrade, M.Hungary, Yugoslavia[Flasch]
Erös, AladárYugoslavia (SHS) Szabadka
Errington & Martin, 2. NoteWorldwideS. Hackney 1926, dealers c. 1920–50
Escalada-Goicoechea, Eduardo
(Works as member of committee.)
Spain and Colonies, Carlist WarsMadrid, b. 1952, dealer, expert 1986–, CEM 1996, AIEP 2000–, [FFE4, PE]
Esrefbey (= Esref Bey?)ThraceTurkey
Esser, Dr.HungaryBudapest, dealer, [Flasch]
Estoppey, Edouard S.Switzerland, Europe, USALausanne 1926, dealer, off. expert 1949
Estoppey, Maurice E.Switzerland, Europe (pre-1900)Lausanne, 1915–98, dealer, AIEP 1965–98
Estudio 20Latin AmericaCommittee of Buenos Aires dealers
Evans, Major Edward B.WorldwideEngland, 1846–1922, RPSL 1894–.
Evans-de Violini, Mrs. Lois M.Japan Oxnard CA 2002, ISJP expert. Note
Ey, Dr. EduardGerman Colonies & PO, SwitzerlandGermany?, 1887–1967
FWorldwideCan mean 'Forgery'
Fabergé, Agathon ('AgF'), 2, 3. PhotoRussia, Baltics, FinlandHelsinki, 1876–1951, famous philatelist, FFF exp. comm.
FábiánHungaryAlso on forged, [Flasch]
FalešnýCzechoslovakia'Forgery' in Czech
Falk, ArthurWorldwide (Zeppelin)New York State, dealer
Falkowski, JózefPolandWarsaw 2000, Polish Fed. –c.2005
FalschWorldwide (forgeries)German for 'Forged'
Falsificat, Falso, FalsumWorldwide (forgeries) Latin or Spanish for 'Forgery', 'Forged'
Faludi, S., BerlinUkraine, etc.Berlin, dealer
Fanngi(?), S.Ukraine.
Farrington, Jeremiah A.USA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Faruk Palace Stamp Collection EgyptArabic: Saraya Al-Koubbeh
FauxWorldwide (forgeries)French for 'Forged', see also Fournier
Fekete, GuidoHungary, AustriaVienna 1926, dealer
Fennia-Post Helsingfors, 2. Advert. NoteFinlandHelsinki, dealers (Alfons Sundqvist), in use 1930s, Oy Fennia-Post Ab 1920–c.1950
Ferchenbauer, PaulWorldwideVienna 1950 1961
Ferchenbauer, Ulrich, Dr. Certif.Austria (–1938 incl. PO abroad), Austria (DDSG), Lombardy-Venetia, Rumania, Europe & Worldw. (pre-1900)Vienna, b. 1941, son of Paul, expert 1975–, BPP 1991, AIEP 1996–, VÖB, [FFE5, PE]
Ferrari FabergéWorldwideItem sold on the Ferrary or A. Fabergé auctions (?)
Ferreira, A(rmindo) SimoesPortugalLisbon 1926, dealer, [Mi 1935]
Ferroud Paris, A.France and ColoniesParis, dealers f. 1889
FF (Rumanian monogram)Rumania (Regatul), Hungary (Debrecen)See Juretzky
FFFFinland, EuropeSee Frim. För. i Finland
FiFinlandSee Filatelia Oy, Ab
FIHungarySee Floderer
Fieandt, EinarFinland (Aunus)Helsinki, 1879–36, SF expert
Fiecchi, Alfredo E(rmo)Italy and States, Worldwide (pre-1900)Milan 1950, 1900–82, BPP 1961, AIEP 1954–82. Note
Field, DavidRussia (areas)London 1926, 1871–1926, prominent dealer, also on forged.
Filatelia GarciaSpain, FranceSee Garcia
Filatelia MadridSpainSame as above?
Filatelia Oy, Ab ('Fi')FinlandHelsinki, dealers (Gunnar Kreipke?), in use 1930s
Filatelia KrakowPolandSee Philatelia Krakow
Filatelia LwowPolandSee Filatelista Lwow
Filatelia San GiustoItaly, TriesteSee San Giusto, Filatelia
Filatelia SevillanaSpainSevilla, dealers
Filatelista ... BratislavaCzechoslovakiaBratislava, dealers
Filatelista LwowRussia (areas), Ukraine, Poland (Cracow 1919)Lwow (then in Poland), pre-WW2, dealers. Mostly on forged [Stallberg]
Findeisen, HansGermany (1945–6 locals and OPDs)Worms, BPP 1980
Fischbein, KarlFiume.
Fischer Wien VII., H.Hungary etc.Vienna, dealer, [Flasch]
Fischer AradHungaryArad (Hungary), dealer, [Flasch]
Fischer, Dr. PeterGerman States (Bremen)Scheessel, b. 1937, BPP 1984
Fischer, R. F.German Colonies.
Fischl, Dr.CzechoslovakiaDealer (Reimannová-Sladková), pre-WW2
Fischmeister, Dr., LadislavCzechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, later USA, 1923–2003
Flasch, DezsöHungary (occ. ovpt.s), Rumania (Regatul), Czechoslovakia (Posta 1919), Yugoslavia (SHS), Fiume (ovpt)Budapest 1998, d. 2006, expert on overprints, [Flasch]
Fläschendräger, W., Halle Flä,
Hall Fl, WF (?)
Germany East (Bezirk 1948)Werner F., Halle/Saale 1961
Flatheim, Geir O.Norway (1886–93 issue, 20 mm) Kristiansand S, expert 2002–. Note
Fleck, Vladimir ('V.F.')Yugoslavia (ovpt.s), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, SerbiaZagreb d. 1970s, 1885–1969, expert c. 1940–69, AIEP 1958–69
Fleiner, UdoGermany (1916–45)Stutensee-Büchig, BPP 2001
FlemingGermany (pre-1900).
Flemming, Wolfgang (forged)German States (Baden, NDP, Prussia)Leipzig, BPP 1991–2013
Flierl, Harry C.WorldwideBuffalo, APS expert (chairm. 1942–54)
Floderer, István ('FI')Hungary[Flasch]
Foley, Joseph E.IrelandRiva MD (USA) 2001
Forbin Paris, AlfredEurope, Worldwide (revenues)Paris, pre-WW2, dealers, [Flasch]
Fosaneanu, PaulRumaniaBucarest 1897
Four (the number in a circle)WorldwideThe stamp has been repaired
Fourcaut, Jean-ClaudeFrance, Belgium, MonacoLe Vésinet (France) 2002, dealer. Note
Fournier, FrançoisWorldwide (all forgeries)Marks on front or back of stamps from the Geneva albums of samples
Frajola, Richard C.USA (postal history), BNA, Br. ColoniesNew Mexico, Profess. Stamp Experts 2000
FrançoisJordan (Transjordan)On forged. Jean Louis F., d. 1941 ?
Françon, RobertFranceLatour de Salvagny (France), 1932–99, AIEP 1992–99
Franek, JaroslavCzechoslovakiaPrague 1950, 1900–60, expert –1940s
Frangats, J. ?Saudi Arabia (Hejaz)On forged [APAI]
Frank, E. D.Great BritainFrankfurt 1897
Franke BerlinGerman StatesBerlin
Franke, WilfriedTibet, Chinese PO TibetCologne, 1947–2007, BPP 1996
Fränzl, Karl (Franzl, Fraenzl)UkraineVienna, 1920
Frégnac, ÉmileFranceParis 1943. Note
Frenckell, Karl vonFinlandDresden pre-WW2, Kronberg i.Ts 1950
Freudenstein, S.Heligoland, LuxembourgFrankfurt 1897
Frey, Ch. Th.German States (Baden), SwitzerlandFreiburg/Br., BPP 1961
Frey, LeopoldGerman States (Bavaria), Germany (excl. Infla)Deggendorf/Ndg 1961, 1898–1964
Freymuth, Arthur ('AF' in manuscript)Finland?Helsinki, d. 1940, dealer
Freyse, Gustav ('GF'). Advert.Albania, UkraineHannover, d. 1921, dealer
Friebe, HansItalian States (Papal States)Freiberg 2003, Berlin, BPP 1991
Friedberg, RichardUSA, BNA, Br. ColoniesProfess. Stamp Experts 2000
Friedel, A.German States (Brunswick), UkraineVienna, collector, on genuine, [UPNS]
Friedemann, AlbertGerman Col. & PO abroad, Finland, E. Rumelia, etc.Leipzig, 1867–1933, dealer (Senf?)
Friederich, RudolfSpain and ColoniesHagenau i.Els. 1897, [Mi 1935]
Friedl (in script), Otto W. FriedlWorldwideNew York NY (prev. Vienna), 1878–1952, son of S. Friedl, expert 1935–, Friedl Expert Comm. f. 1948, [Brühl p.483, APS].
Friedl, Ing. (= engineer)YugoslaviaMaybe Rudolf Friedl
Friedl, RudolfAustria, Western UkraineVienna 1926, 1862–1942, dealer, brother of S. Friedl
Friedl, Sigmund.Vienna, 1851–1914, also a forger [Tyler]
Frim. För. i Finland, 2Finland, EuropeFrimärkssamlarföreningen i Finland's expert committee, Helsinki, 1931–c.1955
Frimmel, SeppGermany (field post), AustriaBraunschweig 1950
Frimärkshuset (= Frimaerkshuset)SwedenStockholm 1949, dealers (E. Lundström)
Frischer, 2nd vers. Spain, HungaryMaybe Norbert Frischer, Vienna 1943 1949, dealer
FTF RioBrazilRio de Janeiro, dealer
Fuchs, R.Hungary.
Fukui, KazuoJapan and areasJapan, ECPM (q.v.) 2001
Fullgraf, HeinrichGermany (Soviet occ. locals) Mölln, BPP 2014–
Fulpius, George(s), Dr. ('G.F.' ?, GF in manuscript)Italian States, Greece, Finland, Germany, Europe, WorldwideGeneva 1949, 1886–1955, official expert 1949, AIEP 1954–55
FunckGermany (field post WW2)Germany
Furuya, YoshikazuJapan and areasJapan, Secretary ECPM (q.v.) 2001

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